New U.F.O. Pic!

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About that other post with the WEIRD Pic I accidentally deleted the pic and i didn’t have the pic saved so…..  SORRY!



Wow Giant Snake!

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Check this crazy pic out guys!


Wut do u think?


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I would like to thank everyone for visisting this blog and giving it almost 2,000 more hits in one week.  Please continue visiting!  Oh yeah,  Michael Jackson died:-(



Not another UFO!

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AGAIN?!?!?!?!?   The license plate says<>}:{^-){><]

Come claim it somebody!(I dont care if your not the owner!)


How to get rich a.k.a. How to make your own mermaid carcass.

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You Will Need                         You Will Not Need

1 deceased monkey                 A conscience

1  deceased fish

1 gullible public

An ability to sew

A partner who owns a museum

Access to an esteemed newspaper or magazine

Step 1 sew the top half of the monkey to the bottom half of the fish.

Step 2 pose under a fake name and say you have discovered a mermaid carcass in the esteemed newspaper or a magazine.

Step 3 put your “mermaid” in the museum exhibit and let you and your partner who owns the museum reap the rewards.



P.S. thetruthiscloserthenitseems is not responsible if you try this and get arrested.


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Hello!  I would like to ask whoever owns the U.F.O. that crashed in my backyard to come claim it please.  It takes up too much space.  The license plate is 8729P984c90.

That is all,


Hi here is a poll to fill out

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Fill this out